Metro Personal Training is a fully equipped training studio located in the heart of Clayton. MPT caters to a diverse range of clients with a variety of fitness goals. Some are trying to improve their athletic performance, while others want to achieve a more toned physique. You'll find clients who use the experienced training staff at Metro to rehab an orthopedic injury, while others look to the knowledgeable trainers for a well-rounded approach to fitness. Regardless of your fitness level, you'll find that Metro Personal Training has achieved success with people from all walks of life.

Metro Personal Training is a private studio for personal training only. It offers the latest in strength and cardiovascular equipment in an intimate setting. At MPT, you no longer have to tolerate the unwanted distractions and the dirty environment of a public gym. You'll find yourself in a positive, upbeat atmosphere where you can focus solely on your one-on-one training session with your personal trainer.

All the trainers at Metro believe in the basic principles of fitness--strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Incorporating all of these principles into each training session at Metro not only helps you reach a higher level of fitness, but also brings a higher degree of functionality to your life. You'll also find that Metro trainers firmly believe in a well-balanced, regimented diet as a means of reaching your fitness goals. With the right mixture of diet and exercise, we are confident that we can help bring about a positive change to your life.

Call us today and let Metro Personal Training help you take the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle!


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