Josh Dubinsky
Certified Personal Trainer/Owner

Josh is AFAA certified and has been working as a personal trainer since 2000. Weight-loss, increasing lean body-mass, and helping those who have a history of injury are just a few of the areas where Josh has been successful.


Dan Hast
Certified Personal Trainer

A professional trainer since 1994, Dan has held certifications with national organizations, ACE, AFAA, as well as many regional certifications. He is focused on technique and specific isolation of posture, balance, and form, to create long term health changes as well as esthetic.


Michelle Burks
Certified Personal Trainer


Jerome Jordan
Certified Personal Trainer

Jerome is an ACE certified trainer. His philosophy is to focus on continual lifelong learning and to enhance the well-being of his clients by empowering them with knowledge, skill, support, and guidance in order to help them on their journey for a healthier life and better future.


Charlie Hawes
Certified Personal Trainer


Paul Mueller
Certified Personal Trainer


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